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Sweeps Refining

Ship your floor/polishing sweeps, filters, sink trap sludge, rags that my contain precious metals and let the PRO's handle it.

Our state-of-the-art incineration systems allows us to burn material containing precious metals with clean air emissions.

Once your material is safely burned, it then continues to the crushing system. This breaks down the material further to produce a fine powder.

The material is then cooled and sifted through a 75 mesh screen to separate the fines from the metallic tailings. Magnetics are separated from the tailings prior to being sent to the melt area.

Blending the fines sample is critical to ensure a homogenous sample for analyzing the material. This is achieved through a large barrel blender, as well as, a smaller bottle blender for the sample.

A moisture test is performed to help determine the amount of mosture in the fines samples. The fines samples are tested for precious metals using ICP Analytical methods.

Why Use Profiners:

Our Stationary and Rotary incinerators are maintained and inspected regularly to ensure efficiency. Moisture evaluation is performed on every lot to establish the correct value of the material. The lot is then tested via ICP analysis and Fire Assay numerous times on our ISO9001 calibrated balances for settlement.

Sweeps Refining and ICP Analysis
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