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Carl G Garrison - President/CEO

After almost fifteen years in the jewelry manufacturing arena and building a precious metal refinery from the ground up, Mr. Garrison opened the doors of Profiners Inc. in February of 1987. He learned the art of refining by experimenting with various techniques and enhancing their productivity . This enabled him to create a business dedicated to the meticulous art of refining and analyzing of precious metals in a concise and timely manner. With his chemical background and decades of experience, he designed a precious metal refinery and analytical laboratory that pays special attention to the smallest of details knowing how critical it is to have accurate accounting of your precious metals. Many improvements to the precision and efficiency of our organization have been put in place to accommodate the growing demands of the jewelry industry. We take great pride in what we do and would be honored to serve you.




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Gold Assay | Silver Assay | Platinum Assay | Palladium Assay
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