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Fire Assay Analysis

Analysis by fire assay has been used for centuries. Even today, it remains the most accurate method for determination of the gold content in karat gold samples.

Our fire assay of gold and silver provide an independent evaluation of the properties for each sample. The level of our accuracy in the fire assay is consistent to +/-.05% on our karat gold determinations, which allows a very precise valuation. Upon request, a Certificate of Analysis will be issued for documentation of the precious metal value represented by the sample.

Profiners offers the ability to have your account credited for the amount of gold contained in each pin sample we analyze. Based on the assay, the gold content is calculated and priced on the 2nd London fix on day of invoice. This gives you greater control on the gold leaving your premise and also reduces your payable. Whether you are a small shop or a large manufacturer, the importance of an accurate assay is critical to the integrity of your operation.

Profiners receives samples daily via 1st Class mail; Express Mail, UPS, Federal Express or hand delivery. In order to expedite the process, samples received at Profiners must contain the following information: Sample ID number; Type of sample; Element(s) to be tested; Estimate of content (if known); Contact information

The samples are then logged and sent to the appropriate department for testing. Our manufacturing background allows us to fully understand the utmost importance of accuracy and consistency. Therefore, each sample may be tested up to 8 times to ensure the correct determination of its content.

Fire Analysis fees per sample:

AG {Silver}:


AU {Gold}:


AG/au {Silver/gold}:


AU/ag {Gold/silver} :


Certificate of Analysis:


Verification only:


**Prices subject to change without notice.**
Volume pricing available - call for details
Silver Analysis, Gold Analysis, Fire Assay, Precious Metal Analysis, Gold Assayer, Gold Assay
ICP Analysis, Gold Analysis, Silver Analysis
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