Precious Metals, Gold Testing, Silver Testing, Platinum Testing

Profiners Inc. is a full scale precious metal extraction plant and analytical laboratory.

Since our opening in 1987, we have doubled the size of our facility and increased our capabilities in order to satisfy customer demands.

Profiners philosophy is simple. . .

Give 100% attention to all jobs all the time! We employ the highest standards of efficiency and quality to ensure accurate results and satisfied customers. Whether you are a precious metal scrap buyer, retailer or manufacturer, Profiners will handle your refining and analytical requirements effeciently and accurately.

Our knowledge of the jewelry industry allows us to understand the importance of the smallest details.

We refine and analyze your material on premise, which means fast turnaround time for you - the customer. Our accountabilities, accurate evaluations, and personalized service have been essential to our success.

Items we analyze include, but are not limited to, the following:

Silver, gold, palladium and platinum jewelry, precious metal drillings, sweep and pin samples. Full elemental analysis of pure metals, alloys, metallurgical additives and deletorious elements. A Certificate of Analysis is furnished upon request.

Items we refine include, but are not limited to, the following:

Karat Gold Jewelry; Silver Flatware; Silver Jewelry; Bench Grindings; Polishing Sweeps; Floor Sweeps; Filters/Burnables; Sink Trap Sludge; Low grade material; Gold-Filled Scrap; Jewelry with stones

We process clean karat scrap in 24 hours and our fire assay results are furnished on the same day of sample receipt. ICP analysis results are reported within 48 hours of sample receipt.

Profiners takes great pride in listening to you - the customer.

Contact us today to discuss your refining and analytical requirements. The art of refining and analyzing precious metals is taken to higher ground when conducting business with Profiners.

Precious Metals, Gold Testing, Silver Testing, Platinum Testing
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